We at Harcourts Body Corporate Management strive to make your experience a pleasurable one. We are well equipped to take care of all your compliance requirements as stipulated in the Unit Titles Act 2010.

Our service includes the following functions necessary with Body Corporate Management:

  1. Establish and maintain an operating account as directed by the Body Corporate.
  2. Arrange the appointment of the Body Corporate Chairperson and fully explain the role.
  3. Arrange the appointment of the Owners Committee and fully explain the role, if you choose to have a committee.
  4. Keep the financial accounts and records of the Body Corporate and prepare the annual statement of financial position showing the Body Corporate's financial dealings during the year, sending copies thereof to each unit proprietor, and (if requested) submitting the annual accounts to an independent auditor and completing GST returns to the IRD if the Body Corporate is registered for GST.
  5. Pay the Body Corporate accounts.
  6. Prepare and advise on budget and levies.
  7. Prepare, serve or give notices levying contributions to the operating account and (if in existence) the long term maintenance fund, contingency fund and capital improvement fund, and collecting such levies from proprietors.
  8. Arrange and effect insurances for all buildings and other improvements on the land to their full insurable value after arranging insurance valuations and any other insurances requested by the Body Corporate.
  9. Maintain the Body Corporate register of proprietors.
  10. Convene and attend one annual general meeting and one extra-ordinary general meeting (including preparing the agenda, meeting notices and recording resolutions voted on and whether they were passed). Prepare minutes for approval and distribute to proprietors within two week of aforesaid meeting.
  11. Advise on the requirements of the Long Term Maintenance Plan and arrange the drafting of it for owners to approve.
  12. Assisting with amendments to the Operational Rules made by the Body Corporate, including preparing resolutions and engaging of agents to attend to the registration of the amended operational rules at LINZ.
  13. Deal with inward and outward correspondence to and from the Body Corporate.
  14. Assist with raising special levies and making payments, administration of repair contracts, excluding special projects and major works (additional costs may apply for this).
  15. Advise on enforcement of the Operational Rules.
  16. Administer the Body Corporate bank account(s).
  17. Liaise with Territorial Authorities (for example, questions on Building Act, resource management issues, and zoning).
We carry out this work for $250 + GST per unit per annum* (plus any additional expenses authorised by the Body Corporate authority or committee necessary to comply with the unit title act).
* Please note the total value is normally split by the utility interest percentage of each unit.